This blog called My Kitchenette. Ya, that's right! Kitchenette means a small kitchen. Well, since I got married almost 3 years ago, I have my own kitchen now... It's not big as my mom's, but I can do a lot in my own kitchen. Cook whenever, even it a midnite, early in the morning, or in the hot afternoon. Officially it's not my own kitchen coz we (my husband, my baby girl, and I) rent a house, but it's belong to me for now ;) I make some new recipes here, and some are I got from my grandma, mother, aunties, cousins, sisters, and magazines. And some of the recipes are changed a bit, to make our (me and my family) tongue welcome the food. I also add some old old old recipes, maybe some old old old language, and some old old old measurement. Well, Happy Cooking, Friends!